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Transmission Repair in Spokane, Washington

Your transmission is a complex piece of machinery with many different components. To properly inspect, diagnose, repair and service your transmission, the technician needs to not only have specialized training and years of experience, but they also need to have the correct tools and equipment that are specially designed for transmissions. Most car care centers do not specialize in transmissions and lack these necessary qualifications to accurately and skillfully work on your transmission.

Ulrick's Service Center, however, has over 40 years of expertise and professional experience in transmission repair, service and replacement. We are able to help you with all your transmission needs, regardless of where you are located in or around Spokane WA.
Car Transmission - Transmission Repair in  Spokane, WA
Ulrick's Service Center is a locally owned and operated transmission repair shop who provides quality service and customer care. All of our technicians are Mechanics who specialize in transmission repair and service.

Why choose Ulrick's? FREE Diagnostics & Road Tests, Towing Available, Over 40 Years Expertise in Transmissions, Highly Trained Mechanics, Automatic and Standard Transmissions, Two and Four Wheel Drive Vehicles, Most Types-Ages-Makes or Models of Vehicles, Foreign or Domestic Vehicles, Repair or Replace Clutches, Axles, Differentials, Drive Shafts, and Transfer Cases.

If you needed heart surgery, would you trust a Dentist to perform it? No? Then why take your vehicle's transmission problem to a mechanic that specializes in oil changes? Without the proper expertise and equipment, you cannot even trust that their diagnosis would be accurate. Using the experts at Ulrick's Service Center can save you from a lot of wasted time and out of pocket expense paying for unnecessary repairs and ignoring critical ones. There are many problems that can imitate the symptoms of a malfunctioning transmission. These can include fuses, relays, cables, electrical connections and sensors that need adjusting. Most of those issues are minor repairs to fix.

Get an accurate diagnoses right from the beginning, along with friendly service and expertise that you can trust. Bring your vehicle's transmission to the best shop in Spokane - bring it to Ulrick's Service Center today!
Gearbox and Clutch Cross-Section - Transmission Repair in  Spokane, WA
Car Alternator - Transmission Repair in  Spokane, WA
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